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Abiola Akanji alias  "Chef Stone" grew up in Nigeria's most vibrant city, Lagos. He studied in London, worked part time in a couple of restaurants and picked up some of his culinary skills along the way. He took on professional training at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. His passion for food started at a tender age; even as a young boy, he was always in the kitchen with his mum. These bonding times stirred up his interest in food, and as he watched her, he experimented and perfected the art of cooking.

These peculiar experiences have made him into what he is today. 

At 33 years of age, he owns a culinary school situated both in Lagos and Abuja where he teaches individuals his acquired culinary skills, passing on knowledge and creativity amassed over the years.

Chef Stone

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Chef Stone Food Photography

Food Photography

Chef Stone Japanese Pancakes

Recipe of the Week

Chef Stone Challah bread

These cajun chicken skewers are great for parties and events. Make sure you don't over cook them so they stay moist and tender.


1on1 with Chef Stone

The Highly Anticipated 1on1 with Chef Stone is finally here and its available to pre-order now. This book contains 101 fancy yet really easy recipes for every home cook. This one is a keeper.

Chef Stone Dining Experience

The Chef Stone

Dinning Experience

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