Abiola Akanji alias "Chef Stone" grew up in Nigeria's most vibrant city, Lagos. Becoming a chef was a conscious decision for Chef Stone. He’s always had a passion for cooking but like most Nigerian youth back then, this wasn’t enough. Thus, he went ahead to get a degree in Business Management in London Metropolitan University.


While studying, he worked part time in restaurants, where he picked up some of his culinary skills. He then went ahead to train professionally at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Both his Culinary and Business experience have been key elements to shaping his career.


Chef Stone relocated to Nigeria right after Culinary School, and his mum presented him with a “welcome back” and congratulatory gift of red dishes. He started cooking and plating with these red dishes and eventually caught the attention of followers on Social Media and right then, the idea of starting a Culinary School came about.


At 34 years of age, Chef Stone owns a Culinary School in Lagos and Abuja, where he teaches individuals some of his acquired culinary skills, passing on knowledge and creativity amassed over the years.


Chef Stone is greatly inspired by the likes of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, who do great things with food. This inspiration motivates him to perfect his art and create mind blowing cuisines. His first publication; 30 Easy Meal Ideas is a cookbook which features several recipes, from mouth-watering appetizers, to delicious breakfasts, palate-cleansing lunches, and dinner ideas. These recipes are easy-to-make meals that will liven up any kitchen, creating a ‘wow’ factor to our daily recipes. It’s a must have for every culinary enthusiast.

His Second Publication is the Dark Side Series which was launched a few days before Christmas. It’s a collection of amazing dark culinary arts recipes inspired by an inner untapped darkness from within, available as both Paperback and Electronic Copy. The Dark Side Series makes a great handy, and on-the-go recipe book.


In addition to these, Chef Stone has his own spice; Secret Spice. The latest edition is the Christmas Chicken flavour which came right on time for the festive season. The other flavours are the Original and the Chilli.


Here’s Chef Stone’s advice to aspiring chefs… “Follow your dreams... Keep believing in yourself… and don’t stop cooking. With passion and hard work comes success”.


P.S. When asked which Nigerian food he would be if he had to choose, he said “I would be fried Plantain, because I think Plantain is Tall, Dark and Handsome, like myself”. Fried Plantain and Fried Eggs is Chef Stone’s favourite food of all time.


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