Frozen Mixed Berries Sorbet

The month of February is just around the corner. There is no better time to start to learn to make desserts for that special person. Try this out. You can thank me later


Muse Madness Dessert Special

When Chef Muse said she wanted to make a gourmet dessert using garri as the major ingredient. I was sure she was joking.......

Spicy Spinach Rice and Steak Suya

The burst of flavours this creates in your mouth is mind blowing. You almost have to close your eyes when you taste it to tell whats what.

Crispy Skin White Fish Salad

This is light and healthy and delivers so much flavour. Simple to put together too. Let me know your thoughts.

Tagliatelle with Clams and Garlic

Pasta is one of my favourite comfort food. Paired with clams makes for an awesome experience. 

Pomegranate Chilli Mint Chicken Wings

This is one of my favorite chicken wings recipe of all time. Another one from my 30 Easy Meal ideas book.

Plantain Chicken Sub

This recipe featured in my 30 Easy Meal Ideas Book and i just had to bring it back. 

Morrocan Charmoula Potatoes

Charmoula is a distinct spicy marinade that is popular in Algeria, Morroco and Tunisia. It can also be used with fish, meat and vegetables.

Tanzanian Herby Chilli Tiger Prawns

Off the coast of Tanzania is the island of Zanzibar. One of the best part of holidaying in Zanzibar is the seafood. Fresh Tiger Prawns are abundant.

Egusi balls in beef and scent leaf consommè with giwan ruwa fish and tuwon masara tuile. 

Don't let the long name scare you. The flavours in this consomme really packs a punch. It's all about building those flavours.

West African Beef, Plantain & Okra Stew

Everyone loves plantain but in this recipe we don't want overly sweet plantain, we want firm semi ripe plantain that contains more starch. 

Mauritius Fish Vindaye with Baby Onions

Vindaye is a popular dish on the Island of Mauritius, off the coast of East Africa. The dish is traditionally flavoured with mustard seeds, black peppercorns and bay leaves.

Namibian Port & Raisin Chicken

This has become a sort of tradition in Namibia, where this dish is served as part of a romantic dinner. The port and the raisins add an interesting sweetness to the chicken.

Tasty African Rice Salad

This is a popular rice salad that originated from Zimbabwe. It is fresh and full of colours. The dressing holds it all together so be sure to make it right.

Mozambican Spicy Calamari

Mozambican cooking has been greatly influenced by portuguese cuisine even though the Portuguese administration ended several decades ago. this calamari is a good example of Fusion between both.

Coconut Breaded King Prawns

I can't explain the amazing combination that is Prawns and Coconut, you really have to find out for yourself. 

Suya Meatballs

Suya is very popular in West Africa, originating from northern Nigeria and Niger Republic. Traditionally made kebab style, I thought meatballs, why not?!

Spicy Chicken & Prawn Kebab

These fresh spicy kebabs don't just taste great, the whole family will enjoy making them. Get the kids in the kitchen and form a trai. Each person adds something to the skewer and passes them on.

South African Beef Pot Roast

This is perfect for some that have never learnt to use their oven. They have probably never opened the oven at all. Pot roasting is an effective alternative method for roasting meat

West African Chicken Skewers

with Peanut Sauce

I have to admit, i'm not a big fan of Peanuts or Peanut butter but this one ticks all the boxes. The flavour is uncanny!!!

Panko Crusted Chicken Wings

This is probably the easiest, most delicious wings recipe ever! (I probably already said this about the other 65432157980 wings recipes I have, but okay)

Flame Grilled Steak (Grilling the Perfect Steak)

Grilling steak is easy but only if you follow these simple guidelines.There is a very thin flaming line between underdone and overdone. Knowing this can make all the difference.

Sriracha Honey Lemon Wings

These wings are double fried and absolutely finger-lickingly delicious. They make for the perfect starter for any gathering. Great for game day football too. So enjoy!!!

Fusilli Bolognese

Bolognese sauce is a meat-based sauce originating from Bologna, Italy, hence the name. In Italian cuisine, it is customarily used to dress "tagliatelle al ragù" and to prepare "lasagne alla bolognese"

Soy Chicken Rice Bowl

This is a very easy and filling meal with the perfect blend of subtle asian flavours. Not only does it look great, it tastes amazing too.

Fruit Filled Grilled Tortillas

Excellent table fillers for a party. You can fill them up with all kinds of fruits. Looks great too. 

Wild Rice Prawn Salad

Sometimes you just have to mix it all up. Add some razz-ma-tazz to your salad. A little bit of rice doesnt hurt nobody. 

Cheesy Meaty Pie

As a kid, I used to always wait up for my dad to get back from work with that yellow and red bag with all those goodies we used to love. Learning to make it yourself means you can add pretty much anything you want.

Basil Pesto Pasta

I love pesto. It is full of healthy herbs and bursts with fresh flavours in your mouth. It might take some getting used to if you've never tried it but trust me, its a winner.

Easy Indian Pilau Rice

In this part of the world, we consume rice like our lives depend on it. It is important to discover new ways to cook rice so "it doesnt grow on your head" my wife would say!

Catfish Peppersoup

I know you have all been waiting for some African flavour. No need to worry. Out of 365 dishes, i will certainly feature more than a few.

BBQ Steak Salad with a Thai Vinaigrette

The dressing ties this up beautifully. Now you don't have to feel guilty about eating a 500g steak. This salad is a winner!

Homemade Sloppy Joes 

The secret to a great sloppy joe is that very rick thick consistency. This is an iconic dish turned into an African Fusion and it works!

Breaded Salmon Sliders

Everyone loves sliders. Makes you feel like you're not quite having a full burger. But then again you tend to gobble up about 3 or 4. So who's the real winner here?

Lobster Rocket Sandwich

You can create this with crabmeat even if you cant get your hands on lobster meat. It is a juicy sandwich that tastes amazing.

Chestnut Mushroom & Pomegranate Kale Salad

Some of my favorite ingredients all in one beautiful salad. As hard as it sounds, this salad tastes a lot better than it looks.

The Dark Side of a Caprese Salad

Caprese salad is a simple Italian salad, made of sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and sweet basil, seasoned with salt and olive oil. Like pizza Margherita, it features the colors of the Italian flag: green, white, and red

Steamed Mussels in Creamy White Wine Sauce

Mussels are jewels of the sea. They taste great if cooked brilliantly. Make sure you get them fresh if you can. They will open up when you cook them.

Chargrilled Honey Lime Chicken

Chicken is one of the most common protein in the world. It can be cooked multiple ways. I find that a nice coal grill does justice to chicken thighs and drumsticks. 

Bourbon flavoured BBQ double fried Chicken Wings

Everyone loves chicken wings. At least I'ld love to think so. There is nothing better that finger licking bbq wings. Just typing this, I want to eat some. lol

Poached Lobster with Lemon Tarragon Butter

In the bad old days, lobster was actually considered poor people food and a mark of poverty. It was often served in prisons much to the displeasure of inmates. Crazy right?!

Pan Seared Salmon with Cherry Tomato Salsa

You guys will say I'm back with my salmon for the umpteenth time but like i said before Salmon is very versatile. The cherry tomato salsa is the main attraction on this dish tho.

Spanish Seafood Paella

If you're a seafood lover, then your'e going to absolutely love this one. Packed full of a variety of seafood types. This is a different take on the traditional Spanish paella but just as awesome  

Little Italia Meatballs

No one does meatballs like the Italians. Packed full of herbs and spices.This recipe is one to cook forever. Dont lose it. EVER!

Mexican Elotes - Oven Roasted Baby Corns

Elotes is one of the most popular street foods in Mexico. They can be eaten as a healthy snack or could complement a meal as a side dish. 

Extra Creamy Cheesy Meatballs

So this is the point where most start to drift from that healthy lifestyle they promised this year. You can still make this heathy by cutting out the cheese and reducing the cream too.

Nutty Seared Salmon Fillet with a Tomato Beetroot Salsa

You've gotta love Salmon. The tangy nutty taste really gets you going. The salsa turns it up a notch too. Keep it fresh and enjoy!


This is a quick one you can whip up in just 15 minutes. Serve over steamed fragrant basmati or jasmine rice. Another healthy recipe for the month of January. Enjoy!

Chickpea Curry

This is an amazing vegetarian alternative. Tastes as bright as it looks too. 

Spanish Style Nile Perch with Chickpea Stew

Chick Peas are part of the legume family and are high in protein and fibers. Great way to enjoy them.

Lemon & Pink Peppercorn Crusted Salmon

I promise this is the last salmon recipe I'll post for a while. But i just had to post this one. 

Seafood Jollof Risotto

Jollof rice is one of those meals you don't want to mess around with too much. It's already perfect as is but sometimes a little tweak doesn't hurt.

Sauteed Zesty Chilli Butterfly Tiger Prawns

There is a lot going on here but all for good reason. Every element of this recipe compliments each other beautifully. This is one of my favorites

Dark Side Series Chicken Burgers

I got the inspiration for this recipe when I stumbled across an article about a Japanese food trend. Black hot dogs and Burgers. Here is my attempt at it!

Egyptian Bread with

Vegetables and Nuts

Egyptians love their bread, almost as much as Nigerians. Bread is part of most meals in Egypt and this bread ticks all the boxes.

Yaaji Flavoured Goat Chops with Bole Chips

"Goat meat should be served spicy/hot or not served at all" --- Every Nigerian.

Chef Stone's Suya-flavoured Chicken Burger

Bish! Bash!! Bosh!!! This is a simple one. 

Simple Avocado & Prawn Salad

Avocados grow in most parts of Africa and are great source of vitamins and minerals. You're going to love this one.

Cheesy Chive Bread

This delicious savory bread is great on its own and can be paired with butter or marmalade. Just make sure you don't eat it all at once.

Sweetcorn Fritters

Sweetcorn Fritters are perfect for barbeques and they can also work as a side dish. It's a fresher way to serve and enjoy kernel corn. 

South African Frikkadels

Frikkadel is an Afrikaan word for fish cakes or meatballs. Combined here with a traditional tartare sauce makes for an interesting Afro Fusion dish

Senegalese Perch Yassa

The Nile Perch is commonly known in the Northern part of Nigeria as Giwan Ruwa which means 'Water Elephant". It is very tasty and very meaty and works perfectly for this recipe.

Ethiopian Cardamom Coffee

Panna Cotta

This is the perfect dessert for coffee lovers like me. It's rich, creamy and very easy to make.

Somali Biscuits Padana

This soft, buttery, melt in your mouth italian original "Biscuit" is everything and more. The variety of nuts add an interesting and delicious flavour, one you won't forget in a while.

Seared Cod with

Mushrooms & Olives

Love white fish and especially cod. Cod is a good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and is especially rich in lean protein and vitamin B-12. SO needless to say, its very good for you.

Seafood Okra with Fennel & Green Onions

Seafood Okra or Fisherman soup is the king of all soups in my opinion because it contains several ingredients that are full of so much flavor and different textures. 

Malawian Spiced Chicken Curry

Its African Fusion month on and we are kicking it off with this easy deliciousness. In Malawi, this dish is known as nkhuku ya sabala, which means 'a spicy one'.

Dark Side Series Cookies

One Cookie recipe to rule them all. If you need to have one cookie recipe in the notepad of your phone, make sure its this one. Thank me later 

The Perfect Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a great way to start off your day. A selection of fruits give you the perfect blend to create that magic in a bowl.

Pomegranate Lemon Salmon

Pan seared using pomegranate molasses and fresh lemon juice, this salmon has a sweet balanced flavour.  To make pomegranate molasses, simply simmer 2 cups of pomegranate juice with ¼ cup of honey for about an hour

Noodle Wrapped Chicken Fillets

The crispy noodles makes all the difference. This can be fried or baked in the oven. Whichever method you choose, tasty is the end result we're going for.

Avocado Shrimp Cilantro Salad

This is a cold salad that tastes as good as it looks. It is fresh and looks beautiful. Make sure you use very fresh avocados if you want the best.

Asian Honey Garlic Shrimp Skillet

This is a dark one. This Asian style honey garlic shrimp skillet is very tasty and vibrant. You can have it as an appetizer or make it into a sauce and serve with rice or noodles

Dark Side Valentines Cupcakes

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

Honey Lime Chicken Salad

We used this for my Food Photography Masterclass that held this weekend. It made for amazing pictures. The drippings from the chicken makes a fantastic dressing too.

Surf 'n' Dodo

So i combined my love for plantain and my love for prawns to come up with this one and this is my new best meal of all times. If you don't try any of my 365 recipes, make sure you try this one.

Red Velvet Ice Cream

Sandwich Cookies

The month of L❤️ve is here and there is more than enough time to learn to make something romantic for that special someone

Capresse  Panini

There is nothing quite like Italian bread with an Italian filling. You will enjoy making this as much as you'll enjoy eating it. Lets all drool in unison.

Farmhouse Loaf encrusted

with Fennel Seeds

The flavours this rustic loaf delivers will shock you. The yield is pretty large on this recipe and it will keep for a few days so be sure to share with the whole family

Zobo Reduction Custard with Mixed Fruits

Its the month of love and this month our main focus with be on sweet delicious desserts. Expect to see loads of amazing treats and desserts throughout February

Sautéed Asian Style King Prawns

Anyone that knows Chef Stone knows I love my seafood. My recent visit to Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania has helped to further cements this. Expect to see even more seafood recipes

Frozen Mixed Berries Sorbet

The month of February is just around the corner. There is no better time to start to learn to make desserts for that special person. Try this out. You can thank me later

Caramelised onion and brie hot dogs

Another day, another recipe. It keeps getting better. This hotdog is great and you'll want to show it off to friends and family all the time.

Mediterranean Quinoa with Mango Soup, Carrot Chips and Arugula

An easy to make vibrant, fresh dish that is full of life and healthy too. Team Fitfam, this one is definitely for you

Rum Babas

This is a classic Italian Patisserie. Usually the size of your fist and shaped like a scallop. You could also made it cake size but good luck with that. lol

Pasta with a Simple Tomato Sauce

Sometimes you just want a simple pasta dish and you want it now. No faffing about. This is as simple as it gets. Nothing complex here. And hey, don't mind the fancy plating. You can just wack it on a plate!

Pan Seared Tuna Steaks

Tuna Steaks are real versatile and can be cooked using several cooking methods. Whilst they are fairly easy to cook, they can easily go wrong too. 

The Best Red Velvet Recipe Ever

The ultimate red velvet recipe in the history of red velvet recipes. Developed from an old Southern red velvet recipe, this cake will keep your friends and family coming back for more.

Breaded Plantain Sticks

Sometimes you really have to reinvent the wheel just a little. These are very easy to make and they taste so good. You know the best part? they are made from plantain.

Cajun Chicken Skewers

These cajun chicken skewers are great for parties and events. Make sure you don't over cook them so they stay moist and tender.

One Skillet Oven Cooked Garlic Butter Salmon

Salmon is extremely versatile and very very delicious. Remember not over season your salmon as its packed with natural flavours you don't want to miss.

Muesli Coated Boneless Wings Salad

Healthy Eating doesn't have to be boring at all. This Simple dish incorporates muesli, a breakfast and brunch dish based on raw rolled oats and other ingredients like grains, fresh or dried fruits, seeds and nuts, into a chicken salad.

One Skillet Chicken Pasta

All the magic happens in just one skillet. The flavors are mind blowing if you do it right. Serving it in the skillet gives it that rustic feel too so be sure to do that.

Cookie Crusted Squash

This recipe can be easily tweaked to your liking. There are endless possibilities with this one. You can make it sweet or savory. The trick is not to over cook your squash so you still have a little crunch left.


We are going to try to keep it healthy throughout this month....well, we'll see how long that New Year's Resolution lasts. This Shepherd's pie is so easy to put together, you'd be amazed you haven't tried it before now. 


Eating healthy doesn't always mean having to suffer flavorless meals. You can be creative and still enjoy your favorite steak cuts. This recipe is ideal for that "New Year, New You" Diet. 


Throw out any recipe you've ever had for oven roasted chicken 'cos this is the only one you're ever going to need! 

Beautifully balances sweet and tangy, it is from honey and mustard. The vegetables are a bright healthy touch too so don't leave them out. Thank me later!


This breaded Challah is the Jewish Sabbath or Holiday bread. It is surrounded by folklore and loaded with symbolism. It is said to bring joy and happiness and it is ideal for breakfast or lunch.


These crostinis are great for the holidays as a table filler as they are quick and easy to make. You can serve as a starter too; just don’t eat too many or you’ll be stuffed before the turkey.

You can substitute apples for pears and you can try other berries as well.


These are Japanese style pancakes.

If you can't get the shape right, use a ring mold to hold the pancakes in place and keep them even.

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