2018 Reset Button

Rewind! 31st of December 2016, I actually had a physical list for 2017 of all the amazing out-of-this-world feats I want to achieve. I had pretty much mapped out my 2017 by weeks. The plan was so elaborate that I even set up weekly targets and measures. It was going to be the best year ever. So did I achieve all i set out to? Of course not, but I did learn a lot of life lessons along the way. The words "Man proposes, God Disposes" has never been so clear. I can so relate.

Looking back at the list I made in 2016, I see now that I was somewhat ambitious to say the least. It seems like I set some "World Peace" type targets. As I scroll through the list though, I also realize that I have surpassed some of the targets.

I love to think of myself as a hardworking person. One of my avid sayings "Sleep is for the Weak" is literally what I live by and I wouldn't be caught weak. I really do put in the work and most times I see results whenever I do.

2017 hasn't been without its challenges and set backs but all in all, I think I haven't done so bad. Yet I feel like I have fallen short on some of my ambitions. 365 days can be a long time but it can also be very short. You can achieve a lot and you can achieve nothing. You can go from 0-100 real quick and you could also never launch.

2018 is going to be my best year yet! I know right, thats what I said about 2017. I'm resetting the clock at midnight. I'm raising the bar on those ambitious targets I set last year. I can't speak for anyone else but what has gotten me this far in life is challenging myself against all odds and I'm not about to stop now.

So join me as I cross the line at midnight with my new crazy targets. I'll be resetting the clock and kicking off 2018 with a bang.

Here's to an amazing YEAR 2018.. CHEERS TO THE FREAK'N NEW YEAR!!!

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